Recent News:

I'm going to create an Archive Page for past information so this page doesn't end up cluttered.

Since my last update, some blank cards have come to light. Whenever I get around to finally uploading all card images, I'll include those (if I own them that is!). I own one of them and want another that has recently come out (obtained that one too now by the way!).

Speaking of images, I haven't touched them in a while. I'm down to 5 cards needed for my main collection to be complete, then I -could- upload everything. I honestly won't make an attempt till July in all likelihood, since I am busy with work.

Collection Video's will be done today.....hopefully. I recently picked up a huge DT 1/e foil lot off of someone, and are trying to expand my 1/e SR foil Gateway set. I have way too many cards now, haha. I'll see what I can do in terms of collection videos.

I don't recall there being any other news for the YYH TCG, so I'll leave it at that. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Ok, lots of new things I need to update on!

1) Unbeknownst to me, the Rando and Abnormal Endurance cards that come in the GenCon packs are NOT the same as their counterparts in the Ghost Files set. As such, these 2 cards will be added to the Database and the Total Cards in the game. Great, 2 additional scans I need to make...

2) I've already made the edit to the Card Information page, and will simply copy and paste here:

C114 Mitsunari Yanagisawa's Territory - This card is the most difficult foil card in the game to find. It is unknown why this foil card has such a small production.


Ok, for some strange reason, people keep listing this card at $50. I've seen it on SoCal Gaming. And now there's one on Ebay, so I feel the need to make an edit to this. This card is NOT worth $50. Yes, it's rarer than your average common foil, but not THAT rare. More have begun to come into circulation as well. I myself have 1 1/e and 3 Unlimited foils of this card now. I had a 2nd 1/e foil at one point, but traded it to someone for much needed DR foils and to help him take out quite a daunting card in the set. Even so, I still think of it as a rare card. Now, the important part, how much is this card worth?? I'd pay no more than $8 for a 1/e one, and no more than $5 or $6 for an unlimited one. The average common/rare foil goes for about $1 each, just for comparison (and less if it's unlimited). The only set you'll see people pay more for is Alliance. So, with this all in mind, PLEASE STOP TRYING TO SELL THIS CARD FOR $50!!!!

3) Remember when Scott said G0 The Dark One was inserted randomly in Dark Tournament packs? Yeaaaa, that wasn't entirely true. They were INTENDED to be inserted in there, but it seems a disgruntled ex-Score employee had stolen them all, thus taking away the random packings of this card. Whether Scott kept up the facade of this or simply forgot this happened, I don't know. The source I got this information from is pretty reliable, so I'm pretty willing to believe he is not lying.

Additionally, I now understand partially where SoCal Gaming got his "Only 9 Dark Ones" number from. That number is not completely accurate. The story I was told about them are that 4 signed Dark Ones were given out at Team Challenge to the top 4. They were all signed by Score employees that were there. There are also the 3 Dark Ones signed by IQ out there. And then there are the signed illegals. There's an unknown amount of these out there. If you get your hands on a signed Dark One that is not signed by 1 of the 7 from above, you have yourself a card you should not have been able to attain. It would be illegal for you to purchase them as, even though Score no longer exists, the contracts still do exist and are still active (owned by Panini now). There are still legal obligations in play. If you get one of these cards, STAY QUIET! There is actually an 8th Dark One, but this one was given to Justin (Cook I assume) by Adam and it was approved by Score. As you can imagine, Justin won't part with this card, and for obvious reasons.

Then there are signed Dark Ones with holepunches in them. These were gunslinger cards or cards that employees sold w/o Score's knowledge (see above). Basically, these belonged to an employee at some point and the holepunch was placed to kill value on the card. The employees were not allowed to sell these!

There's also a limited number of unsigned ones out there as well, but I can't seem to find my chat log for it :(

4) New Collection Videos will be up soon. I have been lazy on that and the scans which have been on about 5 months hiatus now. My apologies for that. You have to remember how many cards are being scanned in and edited. It's A LOT.


Quick update. Changed the format of the Gateway Checklist page. The old download is still available though if you prefer that one. Ura-Otoko information is updated.

Things to still be done:


Ghost Files Set is 100% proofread. There was A LOT of errors (mostly small though).

You can download either the .txt file OR a .doc file. I intend to do this for all 6 sets.

Main Collection is now down to 3!!!!!! Just waiting for the lovely card to come in the mail. WOO!


It's been a long time since I have logged in and updated this. So, here goes everything in one fell swoop!

1) P1 Hiei, Determined Warrior DOES have a Double Rainbow printing. Only 1 has been found thus far. Sadly, adds another card I need to my collection...

2) F156/176 Storm of Torment DOES have a corrected printing. This card only exists as a 1st Edition and was obtained by one of the people who worked for Score. The card was initially printed with intention to be distributed in packs, but was decided against after it had been printed. No other alterations are made to the card. (2024 Update: Some were actually distributed in packs for a short period of time)

3) I have attained all 1st Edition Foil cards since my last update here (with exception to the Hiei mentioned above). It is my hope that eventually I will scan in all the cards. This is a daunting task, however.

4) I have not completed proofreading all the cards in the Sets pages. Sorry about that. Just another daunting task I have yet to get to.

5) Double Rainbow Foils Information - Double Rainbow Foils were initially an accidental printing, but Score decided to roll with them. DR's were also the first printings for Gateway.

6) The Origins Card is now considered as rare as The Dark One (but nowhere near as valuable).

7) There is an uncut sheet with The Dark One and King Pieces in it. No picture is available.

8) Justin Cook's The Dark One was given to him by a former marketing department worker in Score.

I likely have more things, but that's all I have on hand. My apologies for the slowness in updating! I have to update the other pages to reflect the discovery of new cards and the like. I'll do some of it now, and the rest...not sure.


A lot of pages have been updated:

Things left to do (which are now done!):


Videos and Pictures Page has now been updated to not only look nicer, but included a ton more videos.

I uploaded a massive video showing off the remainder of my collection. It's linked in the Videos/Pictures Page.

As it stands, the only thing left to do is scan in the remaining cards...which I can't do without a scanner :/

Still hunting a P1 Hiei, Determined Warrior Double Rainbow Foil. Would really like that card!

[OLD] Ura-Otoko was said to only be given to Top 4 at Team Challenge. This would mean 4x4 of it were handed out which means 16 should be floating around. However, moderators were also given Ura-Otoko as gifts. They each received 2 copies of the card. I believe there were ~5 moderators and 1 admin at the time (as of Exile). So this would mean 16+12 = 28 in existence, theoretically. It is entirely possible more were given out if a moderator asked to receive them.

Known Ura-Otoko Owners:

inviso - 4

yusketheraver - 3

BrianDDL - 3

equinox - 2

kempocrispy - 2

Lord Raizen - 1

Inward Scream - 1

bsus1412 - 1

Killre - 1

mirkojaros - 1

Endo - 1

niiiiick - 1



New Information!!

Card Images:


That's all for this edition. Till next time!


Been a while since I updated. I fell behind because of work and other various things. Not much has been found since the previous update. I still haven't done the Images. I suck, I know. Anyway, let's hope into the news then.

I will be adding yet another card into the Checklist. It was an insert in the Buu Saga, Dragonball Z TCG Packs, and had "Any Last Requests" on the front with Yusuke on the card. It was an insert to promote the YYH TCG before it released. It's not a difficult card to track down since DBZ was so popular.

Also, according to one individual, he pulled the Storm of Torment corrected printing from packs. He has 2 copies of the card. This is the only report we have received of this, so take of it what you will. It's still a fairly rare card, but I wouldn't put it at more than $10-$15.

And lastly, I have completed my 1st Edition Foil Collection. I attained a P1 Hiei, Determined Warrior (DR) and improved conditions of Tracking Device and Kurama, Entrapped Demon. From here, I will focus on my Unlimited Collection and creating a true 1/e Foil Playset Collection (which will consist of a playset of every card in the game as a 1/e Foil). 800+ cards to get...

That's all this round. I'll actually try to do the Images Library this summer. I'd really like to get that done. It's the last thing I really need to do. Thanks all for sticking around and if you haven't already done so, join our forum and play and trade with people :)


Hey all once again! Here I am with yet another update for you all! Not much is happening, however...

Have an Instagram and want to see some cool Yu Yu Hakusho cards? Then you should follow me at yu_yu_hakusho_tcg_collector! Here's a link though if you don't have IG:

Back in early June, I participated in a PodCast regarding discussion of the YYH TCG! Check out the Videos & Pictures Page and listen to our entire one hour conversation!

Starter Decks were apparently randomized in terms of the commons/rares you received. As far as I can tell, there were 3 different sets you could get within your Starter Deck. It is NOT dependent on the Team you get within the Starter Deck. I'll be adding a page under the Sets subsection for the cards you can receive.

I still haven't started working on the images stuff. I know I need to. I might not use Photobucket though as you apparently cannot save those images, which would be a problem for people down the road. I may upload to Imgur instead.

We also have a Summer 2016 Price Guide up on the Forum. I won't be adding it to the Database as prices always fluctuate and supply and demand is always changing, and I do not want prices set in stone based on what I have posted on here, but feel free to check it out in the General Discussion section of the forum. The guide was updated by Karmic, so a huge thank you to him!!

That's all for this edition. See you all next time!


Can you believe it's been slightly over 2 years since I last updated this site? I never forgot about it, just there hasn't been much to update...kinda. I guess I should make the site look a bit prettier huh? And with a shot from the good ol' Spirit Gun, the site has changed! Well, without further ado, here we go with the other updates!

1) An Instagram page has been added underneath Yu Yu Hakusho Videos & Pictures as a sub page. Anyone who posts YYH TCG cards and wants their Instagram featured, please let me know. I will try to post on mine semi-frequently.

2) We have more information about Double Rainbow Promo Cards in Gateway. Sigh. Yeah, we're talking about those cards again.

3) I didn't forget about Images. In fact, it was for the best that I stopped uploading as Photobucket went to the crapper (some images on some pages may not work as an FYI). I plan to move everything to Imgur when I get the time and motivation.

That's all for this episode. Thanks to any who continue to stop by and give their support with their activity on the forum. Hopefully we can continue to stick around and keep this amazing game alive!!


The end of another year is upon us. Not much to update honestly.

We moved websites since invisionfree sold themselves to Tapatalk and well...Tapatalk is ugly and difficult to use. We have moved to freeforums and have rebuilt there.

Honestly, that's really it. My collections continue to come along nicely. Getting there for the Standard Edition Foil collection and knocked off a huge chunk of Exile and Betrayal 1/e Foil playsets. Alliance and the DR's from Gateway continue to be the bane of my existence.

Anyway, that's all from me. Happy New Year!


Been almost 8 whole months since I last updated! Sorry about that. Was busy, then lazy :( But we sure got some huge updates today!

1) I have attained the holy grail of the Yu Yu Hakusho TCG! I have gotten a hold of an uncut sheet from Gateway...but not just any sheet, it's a Double Rainbow Sheet of the main set/tournament set. That means there are Double Rainbow version of cards that were never officially released! Shoutout to inward scream for selling it to me! Want to see what it looks like? Head over to Yu Yu Hakusho Videos & Pictures to see it, or follow my Instagram above! I plan to upload separate pictures of each of the cards when I get an opportunity and more motivation.

Now, there are a few things this brings to attention...

2) Next month, a new Yu Yu Hakusho TCG will be released!! Can you believe it!? Jasco Games has picked up the rights and cards will be coming out next month! He plans to do multiple sets depending on the sales of this first set. I will make a new page for this here on the database! I can't wait to get my hands on it, though I don't think I will play. I've already gone and ordered a case and will be getting some rare cards with it :) HYPE!

That's all for now! Oh, I also uploaded a video of the uncut sheet...I'll link that too in the Videos & Pictures page.

I have also downloaded all of the UFS YYH TCG Images and set up a download via Google Drive for them. Check out Yu Yu Hakusho - Universal Fighting System page for the link! Very easy to download :) Enjoy!

Stay cool!

Page Updates:


Hello all! BIG update (though short message)!!!

I got my hands on a good scanner and have begun scanning cards in to finally finish the final project for this database, images of every card. I will be re-doing the Images section. It will be too time consuming to link each card one by one. I will do you better, however!

Clicking the above link will bring you to the Google Drive folder containing ALL IMAGES OF GHOST FILES! Many of these will be slanted because it's too difficult to get them perfect and well...yeah. You'll be fine. Did I mention you can DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE FOLDER?? Yeah, good quality-ish and ability to download either individual cards or the whole folder at once? Gosh, this tech was needed years ago! Nice one Google.

The plan is to do all 6 sets, foils going first. I may or may not upload the non-foils at some point too. Everything will be 1/e where applicable. All Foil types will be uploaded. I also may or may not upload empty booster packs and take pictures of sealed boxes (1/e) as I get them. We'll see though.

I hope you enjoy the 1st park of the Images section! (which still needs updating...don't check there yet)


It's been just shy of 8 months, but I come bearing gifts! While COVID-19 has me tucked into my home, I have been busy at work. What have I been doing? I've been scanning images of every card in the game. I'm pleased to announce this project is now COMPLETE!

The old links will be defunct. Within this link is a link to each folder containing really good quality scans of all cards in their highest availability (aka, foil and 1st Edition).

I plan to eventually scan the non-foils, but that's for another day. This took me about a week to complete and I am exhausted from scanning near 1400 cards.

I will update the Images Page shortly with new links and everything in the coming days. I will not, however, link cards one by one. This will be very time consuming to do and it's easier to just check the folders. Did I mention the folders are DOWNLOADABLE! Yep, you can have all the images safely tucked away on your laptop. I found a way to maximize quality while keeping the file sizes small.

Consider the biggest project in this game complete for now, however.

Enjoy everyone, and be safe!


I am proud to announce the completion of the Card Image Library. The following will be found in the link below:

Click me to go to a fully downloadable library of all cards in the YYH TCG!

Pre-Release Cards:

Ghost Files:

Dark Tournament:






UFS Set 1:

Stay tuned as I have some interesting stuff coming in the mail :)

Be safe everyone! Glad this project is finally DONE!


Small update. The Any Last Requests insert from Kid Buu Saga packs also existed in Fusion Saga packs. Images will be added to the Card Image Library if I can get one physically in my hands before August 30.

It has been added to the Inventory document.


Added the Fusion Saga YYH Insert (back) to the Card Image Library. Updated the name for the Kid Buu Saga YYH Insert (back). Updated Ghost Files Checklist page to include the newly added Insert. Updated the Collection Inventory to adjust for the insert also.

Fixed where the Jin/Sensui SkannerZ inserts were placed (they are pulled from Betrayal, not Alliance). Updated the Checklists.

Nothing else to really note besides the fact I picked up my final copy of The Dark One (Unsigned) that I was seeking. Just DRs and a few Gateway foils, Alliance foils, and 1 Betrayal foil to finish everything I want to collect. Down to 6 more Standard Edition Foils before I own a completed all cards collection!


Updated the Yu Yu Hakusho Universal Fighting System/Universus page to include the new promos on the .txt file and on the page itself. The Second Saintly Beast is releasing in a few days and Precise Blow is releasing next month!


Happy New Year! Small update...UFS will be releasing a 2nd set for YYH!

Additionally, I have updated the Checklists to include a list of all variants and a list with just a single copy of each card on it.


I have updated the Videos & Pictures Page with all the Uncut Sheets we have found to date. I also corrected a few typo's on the Sets pages and updated the downloads accordingly.


I'd like to give a very warm welcome back to everyone! The Database is now live once more! We have undergone a lot of changes since we were last opened. I will have a YouTube video showcasing this all but I will also list everything below. I know a lot have requested access to this site over the past few months and for that I apologize. Anyway, here we go...from the top!

-Migrated to the new Google Sites.
-Added Facebook Group link.
-Rebranded the Archives section into collapsable textboxes.
-Updated Card Information page with more information based on Uncut sheets.
-All downloads are now hosted on Google Drive, so you can download anytime, anywhere at all, with any device! The Word version of the CRD is gone and the pdf version will be the one hosted here. Additional downloads include Checklists, Card Texts, SEVEN materials, Ghost Files and Exile Rule books (with the Exile rule book now combined from 3 documents into 1), screenshot of the Funimation Blog Post about the reprint The Dark One and much more. There are also the Top 4 Worlds Decks posted and tournament reports from both 1st and 2nd place.
-Created an "Unofficial  CRD Changes" on the Gameplay & Team Bonuses page to address cards that should have received changes but never did.
-Banned and Limited to 1 errata list now updated to include what set the card is located in.
-Rebranded Card Images page to more properly show Foil types and what sets they are found in.
-Updated the Card Inventory document and attached a preview. It is once again available to Copy or Download.
-Included pictures of the front of the Sell Sheets on each set of the Checklists pages to give it a little pizazz. Please note there are gaps every 50 or so cards because of Google Sites limitations on background images. There are 2 lists on each page, a list including every type of card and a generic list of just 1 copy of each card, regardless of type.
-Massive changes to the Card Text pages. An image of every card is now included and text in Purple is the text that was errata'd, so you'll know about every card right here on the Database.
-Added the Card Text downloads to the main Card Text page in case your older devices struggle to open the pages as they have to load a lot of images now.
-Introducing the newest page, the Price Guide! Here I, with help of others, will best keep track of the value of cards. Please read the title page of the document thoroughly to understand how to properly read the price guide and understand the value of your cards.
-Added some new documents to the Wayback Machine page.
-Rebranded the Universus/UFS section to include Card Text and an image of each card hosted here on the Database. Also began preparation for Set 2 later this year. No official announcement made yet but it has been unofficially unannounced.
-Scanned in the Alt Art foils and updated them. Additionally, scanned in the Worlds 2020 promos, P23 Friends and Rivals, and the new Universus card back. These are now hosted in the Card Image Library, which is also reopened.
-Background of each page has been changed to fit the new Google Sites updates. This background is still from the old Yu Yu Hakusho TCG website though!
-Updated all link colors to Green to easily identify them on pages.
-Updated scan of G0 The Dark One (unsigned) for a more crisp image.
-Added more information the Missing/Unknown Information on the bottom of the Database Homepage.
-Future Plan: Deck Building: In this page, player suggested decks will be posted for each team using either Gateway format (Ghost Files-Gateway) or Alliance format (All 6 sets). This has been a popularly requested feature so I will make it happen. It is not ready just yet though. Having an account on the Forum will be highly suggested for this.
-Future Plan: Updated Single Rainbow vs Double Rainbow Video: I have discovered a new way to show if a card is Single Rainbow or Double Rainbow and will make an update video to show my discovery. (Status Update: Completed)

There is so much to check out, so take a seat and have a peek :) I hope you all enjoy these changes.

Stay well and be safe!

Spirit Gun!



Final update of the year! A short update, however. The video showing off more information about SR vs DR is uploaded to YouTube. I've also uploaded a video about the power and versatile use of Google Sheets. These are linked below:
Single Rainbow vs Double Rainbow Foils
The Power of Google Sheets

The Price Guide has also been updated. Now included is an  ↑ or ↓  to show whether a price has gone up or down since the previous update. There was a lot of movement since the last update.

And that's all I have this time. Nothing new in terms of information for Yu Yu Hakusho TCG otherwise. Still waiting on Universus' Set 2 release of Yu Yu Hakusho, which should be happening this year, maybe.

Happy holidays and a happy New Year to you all!


PS: Stay tuned for a new YYH TCG series coming to my YouTube channel in Jan 2022!! It'll be focusing on Foil Playsets :)


Not a whole lot of action happening, but that's quite alright! Got my hands on a bunch of the Winner's Posters that were handed out during League Events and Tournaments. As it stands, it seems Alliance does not exist (not surprising).

We've also received pretty solid confirmation that Double Rainbow Promos were NOT handed out at any tournaments or anything of the sort. This definitely explains the small number of Head-On Assault and Hiei, Determined Warrior out there. I'll have a video up soon about Double Rainbow Foils...again.

Thanks to Karmic for discovering that Inquest #113, the issue that contained a copy of the P3 Banished, from Exile, was actually given out in both art covers of the issue. I had no idea there were 2 covers for this particular issue, but alas, here we are. Good looks! The Card Information page has been updated to include this information.

That leads me into my final point. I should really upload pictures of all the posters, sheets, shirts, etc etc into the Card Image Library, in a new folder that will be called "Products". I don't know why I didn't think to do this sooner. I should really do this for the Blister Booster Packs as well. Scanning them will be too difficult, so pictures will have to suffice. I'll work on this during my Spring Break in late April. I own most products besides Vol. 19 Tournament's End, Judge Shirt (with all team bonuses on the back), Ghost Files Winner's Poster (which supposedly showcases the Spirit Pack cards on it), Exile League Set Winner Poster, along with Alliance stuff that likely doesn't exist (Blister Packs, Sale Sheet with Blister Pack scan on back, Winner's Poster).

I will also include as best pictures as I can get of the Uncut Sheets.

Worst case...I'll do this over the summer.

Anyway, that's all for this update :) See you soon...maybe.



It has certainly been a while since the last update. Let's hop right into it!

-League Set data has been added to the bottom of the Card Information Page. How to attain the cards and other things are now included for your enjoyment.

-A lot of products have been uploaded into the Products folder in the Card Image Library. Check it out!! It's still missing a lot but that's because there's so much to do. I am trying my best though with my limited time! Things like the sale sheets (front covers anyway), blister packs, League Sheets, Uncut sheets, and more can be found now in the Card Image Library. I will continue to update this when I have the time and get/find new products.

-DVD/VHS Volume 19 may not actually have a yellow sticker on it to indicate the promo cards inclusion. None have ever surfaced and it's beginning to look like it was never actually produced this way. This has been updated to reflect this in the Card Information page.

And lastly, a few side notes...

Approximately 2 months ago, a man named Jeff Greening passed away. Jeff and I were working on a collaborative project to add the YYH TCG to his CCGTrader Database. We got pretty deep into it before Jeff unexpectedly left our world. It was truly a pleasure to work with Jeff! May you rest in peace, bud. If you want to see how far we had gotten, feel free to check it out here.

Shoutout to Chris C. for nearly completing his Yu Yu Hakusho TCG collection. He is incredibly close to owning a 1st Edition Foil of every card in the game. Rock on, Chris!

That's all this time.

Be well, be safe, and enjoy the last few days of summer.



Some small updates.

-Added a few more images to the Products folder in the Card Image Library. I still have a lot to go, though. Many require a scanner, which I have, but sitting down to do it all is time consuming. A list of what is missing has been added to the Card Images page. This is to also help me check off stuff as I go through it.

-A 6th Head-On Assault DR has been found. Card Information page has been updated. I am still getting some information about its origin.

-DVD Volume 19 is now CONFIRMED to have the card inside but no yellow sticker. Card Information page has been updated to reflect this information.

That's all for this episode. Next update probably around the winter holiday season.

Price Guide update coming tomorrow. I have been busy.



The Gameplay Rules & Team Bonuses page has been updated with one of the Judge Tests that players had to take in order to become a Judge. I am sure it was updated as new sets released but all I have right now is the Ghost Files version. Huge shoutout to Sébastien Doe for sending it over to me. I am also reaching out to Adam S who was in charge of the Judge tests to see if he has others. Hopefully we find more and add them to the Database!

That's all this time. Be well, all!



Card Information Page has been updated. Exact release dates for promo cards from the magazines are now included. I also have included the release date for R1 Burst of Power.

The following received a much needed update with some important information:

The Price Guide continues to be updated, so keep checking it out frequently!!

That's all for this update. Another sealed magazine to add to my Wants List is not it tho :(



The final update for the year is a relatively small one.

Updates have been made to the Universus pages for the CRD's that occurred during September and October. The Card Text page and attached document have been adjusted to account for this.

Official information about the "corrected" C156/176 Storm of Torment card in Ghost Files has been found hidden in the archives of the official site. It seems there were a few "corrected" copies that were slipped into packs but it was later found that those cards have an additional typo on them (stating +1000 Atk instead of +500 Atk), so the release was set back to the incorrect card number instead of the incorrect text. This information will appear on the Card Information page under Ghost Files in the Notes section.

For this upcoming year, the plan is to work on filling in the gaps for the Card Image Library, specifically the Products section.

Keep an eye out for uncut sheets and Double Rainbow's that may come to fruition during the 2023 year. I suspect it'll be a busy one.

Happy New Year!



Short update. Jasco Games' website is now gone. The Universus brand has been altered and rebranded. The next Yu Yu Hakusho has not been announced...yet. The page has received multiple updates. I am glad I preserved their Card Image Library since it seems it has been wiped out.

That's all for this one. No other news to report.



In case you somehow didn't hear, Feb. 23, 2024, the long awaited Dark Tournament set for Universus will be released. The pages have started to be updated in regards to this. 

I have locked down the Price Guide as it was increasingly difficult to keep managed and up to date on my own. All card prices are now a range of what you'll probably pay for every card. Updates will happen as needed but for the most part, it will no longer be updated.

Stay tuned for more Set 2 updates from UVS!



Previews are being posted in the official Discord for Universus. I, however, will be downloading them and uploading them into the Card Image Library as they become available. Work on the Checklist page has begun and is currently completed based on the cards that have been shown.

Card Text will be worked on at a later point.

In Score Entertainment TCG news, I have added some additional information about Storm of Torment to the Card Information page to clear up some confusion about the misprint.