Yu Yu Hakusho Card Inventory

Attached is an Excel document that allows you to input the number of cards of everything you own in the game. There are summation formulas in place to keep track of how many copies of cards you have. I use this myself to keep track of how many cards I have.

Alternatively, if you do not have Excel, you can download/make a copy of a Google Sheet I made.

It separates 1st Edition from Standard Edition and Foils from non-foils (4 categories).

It's a bit trickier when you get to Gateway but everything is there.

All pre-release cards are included.

Some boxes are blacked out. You can write in them and they will appear in White. These boxes are items that never released officially and are commonly found on things like uncut sheets. But since we never know what will be found, these cards are included in the summation cells in the columns/rows.

Below is a preview of the Inventory. Follow the instructions to download your own in the document itself!

Yu Yu Hakusho Collection Inventory