Yu Yu Hakusho Card Information

General Information:

1st Edition/Limited Edition cards will have a gold eye stamp typically found in the bottom right corner of the card (only exception will be on King pieces).

2nd Edition/Unlimited Edition/Standard Edition cards will not have the gold eye stamp anywhere on the card.

Promo cards can sometimes be pulled out of packs and other various places. I have seen League Cards pulled from packs and even an Epic Tales pulled from a starter deck before. I have even read about The Dark One bring pulled from a Spirit Pack #2. There have been all foil packs/boxes (named Hot Packs) found before as well.

1st Edition cards are available for every card except the following, which are only available as Standard Edition:

Additionally, these are only available as 1st Edition*:

*Note that X0 Kuwabara, Noble Champion (Single Rainbow only for now) and some Spirit Pack 2 cards have been found as Standard Edition. These are believed to be misprints and not official releases.

Release Dates:

Ghost Files: September 15, 2003
Dark Tournament: December 12, 2003
Gateway: April 9, 2004
Exile: June 30, 2004
Betrayal: September 22, 2004
Alliance: January 15, 2005

On March 18th, 2005, the game was officially announced to be discontinued.

Card Legend:

G - Ghost Rare
U - Uber Rare
S - Spirit Rare
R - Rare
C - Common
F - Misprint on the card "Storm of Torment", it was supposed to be a C (See additional note below)
ST - Starter Deck
L - League card
TG - Tournament Ghost Rare
TU - Tournament Uber Rare
TS - Tournament Spirit Rare
TR - Tournament Rare
TC - Tournament Common
P - Promo
TP - Tournament Promo
R - Redemption
V - Video
X - Team Challenge/Box Topper
SK - Skannerz
TX - Texas Team Challenge
- No Letter and Number combination is found on the card Kurama, Entrapped Demon, from the Gateway expansion (See additional note below)

Additional Note about Storm of Torment:
The short history on this card is that it was accidentally printed with an F instead of a C. Score Entertainment attempted to correct this and printed a new batch of 1st Edition cards with the C on it, however, the text of the card had a typo (stated +1000 ATK instead of +500 ATK) and thus was pulled from the production line and replaced with the F version again since the F version had the correct text of +500 ATK. Only a small batch of 1st Edition Storm of Torment cards with the C printed on it exist. All other 1st Edition and all Standard Edition Storm of Torment contain the F in its card number and is considered the "normal" version of the card.

Additional Note about Kurama, Entrapped Demon:
All copies of this card lack the card number on it. There is no corrected version.

Booster Box Information (in your average box):
4 Spirit Rares
2 Uber Rares
0-1 Ghost Rares
8 Common Foils (from Dark Tournament onwards)
2 Rare Foils (from Dark Tournament onwards)

Note: Blister Boxes have no set ratios. Also, see the bottom of Gateway below for notes about DR pull ratios.

Spirit Pack Information (in your average Spirit Pack):
4 Commons
1 Rare/Spirit Rare/Uber Rare/Ghost Rare
For SP3, all 5 cards will be the same Foil type in a pack.

Pre-Ghost Files:

Origins Card - Handed out at Origins in 2003. Origins was originally going to be the name of the 1st set but was later changed to Ghost Files.

GenCon Pack (these are also available in 1st Edition Starter Decks, as well as the Action Figures):

Ghost Files:

Additional Notes: There are no common foils or rare foils of any cards in Ghost Files. 10 cards, however, were reprinted as Lined, Cloudy and Jagged foils in Gateway. There were plans for a Double Rainbow printing as well but they never made it to distribution (they did, however, make it to printing and exist on an uncut sheet).

Other Card Information:

Dark Tournament:

Other Card Information:


Other things to note about Gateway:

Promos that exist as Double Rainbow Foils (not all Promos have a Double Rainbow foil pattern, as confirmed by Scott Sagar, and other various higher up Score employees*):

*Note that this may very well change as they have been proven wrong already with the existence of P1 Hiei, Determined Warrior, a card Scott and others claimed to not exist. This card was found in a collection by someone who was gifted a full set of Gateway. He only had L1-L10, P1, P2, and P3 as DRs. We have also been told by a former moderator that all promos were released in Double Rainbow and given to the mods at the time. The moderator did own a P3 Head-On Assault (DR) to add to what I was told, but did not own any others anymore besides Crazy World. He claimed to have 100% owned a Ura-Otoko, but until we come across it...

Gateway set Spirit/Uber/Ghost Rares, Reprints from Ghost Files, C35 Hiei Insert & Join A League Insert, and Hidden Rare Team Leaders were in 3 varying foils: Lined, Cloudy, and Jagged (an uncut sheet exists that has these cards in the Double Rainbow Foil pattern but the cards were never officially released). The Commons, Rares and Team Bonus Inserts were made in 2 varying foils: Single Rainbow and Double Rainbow. The Tournament set had 4 varying foils for all of the cards: Plain/Double Rainbow, Lined, Cloudy and Jagged. The Tournament cards do not have a Single Rainbow foil variation (that we know of anyway, an uncut sheet may exist, however).

The reprinted foil cards originating from Ghost Files:

Other Card Information:


The following are NOT available as foils:

Other Card Information:


Other Card Information:


Other Card Information:

This is a running list of some of the rarest cards in the game, with possible number available:

Please keep in mind the numbers above are mostly estimates and should not be considered fact.

League Set Information:

-L1 was always given out as a participation card in Week 1 of the League Season.

-L2 was always given out as a participation card in Week 2 of the League Season.

-L3 was given out when you completed 1 or more of 5 tasks during Week 2. Tasks will be listed below.

-L4 was always given out as a participation card in Week 3 of the League Season.

-L5 was always given out as a participation card in Week 4 of the League Season.

-L6 was given out when you completed 1 or more of 5 tasks during Week 4. Tasks will be listed below.

-L7 was always given out as a participation card in Week 5 of the League Season.

-L8 was always given out as a participation card in Week 6 of the League Season.

-L9 was always given out when a new player enrolled in the Yu Yu Hakusho TCG League Season, regardless of when they joined.

-L10 was always given out at the conclusion of a Season to all participants in the Season.

-Bringing a new friend one night.

-Beating a parent at Yu Yu Hakusho TCG.

-Teaching someone new Yu Yu Hakusho TCG.

-Bringing more than 2 Yu Yu Hakusho TCG decks.

-Creating your own Yu Yu Hakusho TCG card.

-Wearing a Yu Yu Hakusho TCG shirt.