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While searching for the release dates of each set, a member Karmic recalled a website that stores screenshots of older websites. He searched and found the release dates I was looking for, and I went ahead and continued looking throughout the site for information. I find a lot of useful pages that were still available and I will be linking those pages below for your use.

Yu Yu Hakusho TCG's Home Page

Yu Yu Hakusho TCG's Card Library (all cards are listed, links within do not work)

Yu Yu Hakusho TCG's FAQ (check later screenshots for useful Judge info)

Yu Yu Hakusho TCG's News About R1 Burst of Power Release

The Spirit Boards

These were all just the important ones that I found. There's tons more. I'll let you do some searching as well if you want.

Here is a link to the websites homepage where all of this is possible from. Enjoy!

Attached below are additional useful and interesting documents from the website.

Tournament Overview (2/15/08)

Feb 15 2008 - TournamentOverview.pdf

Judge/Volunteer Rewards Program (9/7/05)

Sept 7 2005 - Judge_Volunteer_Rewards.pdf

Judge/Volunteer Rewards Program (2/15/08)

Feb 15 2008 - Judge_Volunteer_Rewards.pdf

General Rules (2/15/08)

Feb 15 2008 - generalrules.pdf

SEVEN Code of Conduct (2/15/08)

Feb 15 2008 - SEVEN_code_of_conduct.pdf

Host Judge Manual (2/15/08)

Feb 15 2008 - host-judge_manual.pdf

Event Manual (2/15/08)

Feb 15 2008 - eventmanual.pdf

Event Manual (5/29/08)

May 29 2005 - eventmanual.pdf

SEVEN Score Card (2/15/08)

Feb 15 2008 - SEVEN_Scorecard.pdf

Deck List


Funimation YYH TCG Revisited Blog Post

YYH TCG Card Library

Yu Yu Hakusho TCG - Card Library.pdf